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At Mr. Jobs, we fully relieve employers of the burden of recruitment, selection, temporary staffing, and secondment. For employees, we find the job that best suits their experience, passion, and knowledge.

We invest a lot of energy in understanding the processes of employers and the needs of employees. This enables us to make each match unique, placing the employee in the right position and fostering a long-term relationship with the employer. We are driven by our curiosity and our core values (honesty and transparency). We take responsibility and set our goals in performance commitments.

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Everyone has more qualities than what is listed on their CV. At Mr. Jobs, we want to know what drives you. In some cases, motivation is more important than experience or a certificate. That's why we are happy to have a personal, informal conversation with you to get to know each other. This way, we understand who the person behind the job seeker is and which company and vacancy best suit you.

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